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Tom Turkey Tactic

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Hensons fights festive inflation with ‘tom turkey’ tactic
Large turkeys boned and stuffed for easy cooking and carving offer caterers the tenderness of hens for up to 30% less per portion.

London, November 21, 2013: With signs pointing to a tight seasonal turkey market and rising prices (1), food wholesaler and expert butcher Hensons has selected award-winning fresh local ‘tom’ turkeys to help chefs maintain quality and maximise margins this Christmas.

These Red Tractor-approved male ‘tom’ turkeys, from Grove Smith Turkeys in Essex, are 30% cheaper per kilo than hens. Hensons, which has over 100 years’ experience as an expert butcher, bones, stuffs and rolls the turkeys to fit easily into catering ovens for an easy cook-and-carve Christmas menu centrepiece. Grove Smith Turkeys from Hubbards Farm scooped the ‘Best Premium Christmas’ blue ribbon rosette at this year’s British Turkey Awards.

Warren Bignell, Buying and Commercial Director, Hensons, said: “Tom turkeys are less popular than hens because at an average weight of 12kg they are simply too big to handle. Hensons’ solution is to expertly bone them, stuff them with sausage meat and sage and onion and roll them into neat joints, small enough to fit into any catering oven for easy roasting. In addition to being up to a third cheaper per serving, this is a no-fuss, no-prep option for busy kitchens that provides easy to carve well-balanced portions of white and dark meat and delicious stuffing.”

De-boned and de-tendoned by Hensons’ expert butchers, ‘tom’ turkey joints are garnished with bacon and delivered ready to cook. Hensons’ ‘toms’ weigh from 4kg to 8kg and cost £4.99 per kg with no waste.

For chefs who want their Christmas all wrapped up early, Hensons, established in 1895 in the famous Smithfield meat market, has an extra stocking filler – a price freeze on all Christmas ‘tom’ turkeys ordered before December 1, 2013.

(1) Farmers Weekly -How to market your turkey this Christmas
Saturday 14 September 2013 08:00

About Hensons:

Hensons was established in 1895 in the famous Smithfield meat market, and has been involved in the meat trade ever since, as an expert butcher and producer of gourmet burgers. Now based in London’s King’s Cross, it also manufactures and imports speciality products such as salt beef, continental deli and cheese products, and other fine foods for chefs and catering businesses in the south-east and for wholesalers nationwide.

Hensons is a member of the British Guild of Fine Food and the National Federation of Catering Butchers. The company’s butchery is EU approved and audited regularly by the Food Standards Agency. Hensons is also a BRC approved distributor. For more information on the company visit:

(1) Farmers Weekly -How to market your turkey this Christmas
Saturday 14 September 2013 08:00

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