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Hensons Announce the Summer of Salt Beef

Salt Beef Summer

Hensons, the leading name in salt beef production, are launching a new campaign to get people enthused about the traditional dish this summer.

The company have been selling the product since they were first founded in the 19th Century at Smithfield market. Over the last few years, salt beef has had a major comeback, and Hensons now supply several famous restaurants including Selfridges’ Brass Rail Bar and Hyde Park’s Serpentine Bar and Kitchen. The Brass Rail Bar alone goes through up to 20kg a day.

Julian Burgess, Sales Director at Hensons, comments: “We believe that this year will be the year of salt beef. With the Jubilee and a number of events coming up in the capital over the next few months, we hope to inspire people to take salt beef back into the spirit of the nation.

 “Salt beef is a premium beef product, which we supply to some of the best restaurants in London. The product we have on offer now is both traditional and luxurious. We want to inspire people to try the dish and get restaurants to provide the staple as a menu-winning dish.”

Hensons will be launching the ‘love salt beef’ campaign in the next few months, with live events, social media campaigns and British chefs championing the foodstuff.