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Gourmet Burger: The Square Burger



Hensons' Gourmet Square Burger
Gourmet bread bun (Kaiser or Square Ciabatta)
Thousand Islands Dressing
Monterey Jack cheese
Steaky bacon
Sweetcorn relish

To Serve

The square burger will fit neatly within square shaped gourmet bread buns.
Serve with Julienne fries or thick-cut, skin on chips with mustard, ketchup and sweetcorn relish on the side.

Preparation Method

  1. Slice your bun and lightly toast each side
  2. Add Thousand Isles Dressing to the bottom slice
  3. Add your burger, which should be cooked no more than medium, to retain the juices of the beef
  4. Arrange slivers of gherkins over the burger
  5. Melt Monterey Jack cheese on top
  6. Finally, add streaky bacon – as crispy as you can make it