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Salt Beef

Hensons salt beef

Hensons Famous Salt Beef is traditional, delicious and evenly cured.

One of London’s heritage dishes that dates back to Tudor times, salt beef is enjoying renewed popularity due to Hensons commercially-viable method of curing the beef which has made it easier for chefs to offer on menus. It’s also available in leading salt beef bars and can be served cold or kept warm for a fast, hot sandwich.

Hensons Famous Salt Beef uses only prime cuts of brisket from cattle that have grazed on lush, green pastures. It is slow cured to our own unique, low-salt recipe to ensure a delicate texture, fine flavour and an even cure. It is sold vacuum-packed, ready for slow cooking and available for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.

For more information, visit Hensons Love Salt Beef website where you’ll find lots of recipes and serving suggestions, from our fans and followers of @LoveSaltBeef

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