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Ribs, Wings & Lamb

Casual dining staples, ribs and chicken wings are two of Henson’s most popular premium frozen products. …


Bread & Burger Buns

Hensons’ frozen bread and rolls thaw easily with no loss of texture or taste allowing chefs …


Fruit & Vegetables

Hensons’ frozen vegetables give chefs access to out of season products at consistent prices. Mixed berries …

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Fries & Potatoes

Hensons delivers over 30 different premium quality fries. Fries include skin-on, stay-crisp and private reserve, all …


Seafood & Fish

Hensons seafood offers consistent quality, price and portion control. Our prawns are graded according to size, …


Catering & Events

Our catering and event range includes quality tried and tested products and famous brands to save …


Frozen essentials for chefs

Top quality frozen ingredients are essential for professional chefs providing fresh flavours, consistent quality and prices, speed and portion control.

Hensons stocks only the best from leading producers and major brands, carefully selected for quality, convenience, consistency and flexibility. We offer a popular range of ribs and wings, fries and potatoes, seafood and fish, vegetables, bread and burger buns – all maintained in premium conditions.

We can deliver mixed pallets to anywhere in the UK.

For Hensons’ essential frozen range for chefs, registered customers can browse our range online here or download our latest catalogue