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Continental Cheese & Deli

Continental Cheese

Henson Foods is a major importer of continental cheeses with trusted suppliers across Europe. We source and stock many popular cheeses from France and Italy, and offer a choice selection from Greece, Switzerland, Spain and elsewhere.

We import cheese-board classics such as Brie from Meaux, camembert from Normandy, a blue Roquefort L’Arbas and Melusine chevre.

Our Italian cheeses range from mozzarella, grana padano, parmigiano reggiano, and Gorgonzola, a blue veined cheese for risottos, pasta dishes, pizza and Gourmet Burger toppings.

Henson also stocks a fine selection of Greek feta and halloumi, Dutch edam and gouda, Swiss gruyere, and a spicy Bavarian cambozola.

Our continental cheeses perfectly complement our range of fine delicatessen products. Sourced from known and trusted suppliers, our deli range is available wholesale and for restaurants.

To create the finest anti-pasti, top pizzas or create gourmet sandwiches, Hensons charcuterie is a selection of the best available products from Europe and the UK. These include Italian bresaola, German speck, Hensons Famous Salt-Beef and Pastrami, and Spanish chorizo – both cured and for cooking.

Henson also offers premium olives, sun-dried tomatoes and the best olive oil.

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