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Sausages & Hot Dogs


Our speciality sausages are made fresh to order overnight for next day delivery – with consistency of taste, texture, size and quality guaranteed.

We make bespoke sausages in a range of sizes using the best meats and work with customers to develop new flavours or a consistent house-style. We recently perfected a fresh chicken and herb sausage for a client wishing to offer a more exciting non-pork sausage.

Traditional sausages are consistent favourites such as Hensons’ herb-infused Cumberland sausages made with UK or Irish pork, Lincolnshire, and pork and leek. Sausage rings are also popular for serving in burger buns.

Gourmet hot dogs are a new food trend and Hensons has a growing range of sausages with a high meat-content from classic frankfurters to German bockwurst. We have also reinvented the classic Cumberland as a 12-inch hot dog showstopper – the Big Bang.

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