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Henson's nature reserve

We’re doing our best to care for the world we’re living in.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and have been working with the Carbon Trust with the aim to achieve significant results across a number of areas.

All staff are encouraged to put forward fuel-saving, re-use and re-cycling initiatives. We are developing an ethos of thinking about the environment with every task we carry out. Wherever possible we will choose to work with suppliers and other partners who think in the same way. This means our customers can be confident that concrete steps have been taken to reduce the effects of the products they have bought from Hensons, on the environment

Our targets for 2013:

  •     reduce landfill by 20%

  •     reduce diesel use by 10%

  •     reduce electricity use by 10%

  •     reduce food waste by 30%

Hensons supports the Cleaner Air Initiative and we have fitted filters to our diesel engines which reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%. We have also invested in measures to reduce the fuel used in cold storage and to limit the effects of refrigerant coolants.

We have also committed to an investment of over £500,000 in the new dual-compartment vehicles which will be our most fuel efficient, low carbon vehicles yet.

By providing a multi-temperature delivery service we can make sure that our vans are loaded to optimum capacity for almost every trip they make, and because we are delivering chilled, ambient and frozen in one trip we can significantly reduce food miles on the journey to your establishment.

Being located in the centre of London, we are very lucky to own an area of woodland close to our depot. This has been dedicated as a permanent wildlife sanctuary. Free from cultivation, chemicals and lacking any human intervention at all, this is a haven for wildlife and has a positive impact on the local air quality. It’s our way of giving something back to the local environment.