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New York Kosher Dogs

kosher hot dog

The latest addition to our range of gourmet sausages is a 133g Kosher hot dog from Gilberts. This is an all-bee frankfurter made to a traditional recipe with drying and maturing phases, after which the sausage is smoked over beechwood.

We think this is unlike anything else made in the Uk or Europe, and certainly up there with the iconic New York and Chicago hot dogs of Hebrew National and Nathens of Long Island.

This is a chilled product with a good shelf life and can be be oven baked, griddled, boiled or microwaved.

If you have a number of hot dogs on your menu we would recommend that you add the New York Kosher Hot Dog, for those who don’t eat pork.

And don’t forget that British Sausage week starts on 3 November!



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