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NEW: Spicy Kofta Burger

Lamb Kofta Burger

Hensons launched a spicy Gourmet Lamb Kofta Burger to celebrate National Burger Day on August 27. Made with fresh Welsh lamb and North African flavour favourites, Henson’s Gourmet Lamb Kofta Burger packs an authentic punch. A milder lamb, mint and rosemary burger is also available.

Andrew Brook, managing director, says, “Hensons is the gourmet burger expert in the premium casual dining sector. Our gourmet burger range is incredibly successful and so, for the Hensons Gourmet Lamb Kofta Burger, we’ve used the same winning formula: knowledge of what the premium casual dining market is looking for combined with high quality meat – in this case fresh Welsh lamb marbled with the right amount of fat, selected and minced in-house with carefully blended ingredients. Our expert catering butchers turn this into gluten-free patties using burger-forming machines especially imported from America.

Henson’s gourmet Kofta and Rosemary & Mint burgers are made from halal lamb and are gluten free.

If you’d like to introduce these gourmet products on your menu or feature them as a special, have a word with your rep, who will give you a special introductory price. We can also supply you with the buns, pita bread, tzatziki and sour cream to serve with the burgers.



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