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Making our burgers

Making our burgers

Each and every one of our burgers are made to our incredibly high standards by our highly-trained butchers.

Burgers and mince are made by a small, highly-trained team. The first job is to inspect each box of beef – and that means every single one – to make sure that the quality and visual lean (i.e. fat content) are right for the recipe. You can’t automate this, so it’s the down to the skill and experience of the butcher.

Mincing the beef comes next, and here’s a little secret: our beef is ground twice before being formed into patties. Depending on the recipe, we add any additional ingredients, seasoning and preservative at this point (just enough for a seven day chilled shelf life).

We have two state-of-the-art burger machines that were specially imported from America, the home of the burger. They are widely regarded to be the best in their field due to the unique way they form the patty. Instead of pressing the beef into shape the mince is gently formed into a burger, leaving tiny pockets of air rising vertically through the patty (and we’ll tell you why that’s important in a moment).

The burgers are packed into boxes by hand, by the butchers who have just made them, so that they can give them one final visual inspection, and then they are ready for dispatch.

The whole of this process is carried out in temperature-controlled production and storage rooms and, of course, detailed records are made for traceability purposes.

After delivery we suggest refrigeration right up until service, as there is no need for them to come to room temperature before cooking.

When it comes to the griddle, those little air pockets come into their own; they help the heat to rise up through the burger, reducing the cooking time and resulting in an evenly-cooked burger. This, together with the quality of the beef itself, makes for a tender burger, full of flavour, and with a satisfying bite.

For your peace of mind we carry out regular microbiological testing and our butchery is fully certified by the FSA.  There is more technical information here.

Our overnight delivery service covers the whole of the mainland UK (min. order 1 mixed pallet) and we have a £100 minimum order in London and the South East.