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Lamb Weston Stealth – stay crisp, longer


Hensons has been a proud partner with Lamb Weston for many years. Lamb Weston has an excellent reputation in the industry for innovation and consistency and we also very much like their emphasis on sustainability, focusing on water, energy and emissions, waste, employees, food safety and nutrition. These are areas that we are all increasingly concerned about. We demand not only the highest standards of quality in our food, but in the means of producing it.


Lamb Weston Skin-on Stealth Fries

Stealth Fries are Lamb Weston’s secret weapon. Patented and innovative, no-one has yet come up with a product that performs in the same way. The secret? All stealth fries have a special thin coating, making them crunchier and keeping them warm five times longer than standard fries.

Lamb Weston Spicy Wedges

Spicy seasoned 8-cut potato wedges have a light coating that acts as an insulator to maintain heat and texture longer. This is a very versatile fry that is proving popular across our customer base – often accompanied by sour cream.

To go with our casual dining potato range we stock a range of quality sauces and ketchups, and our other premium frozen products include prawns. buns for burgers, cheesecakes, Ardo premium vegetables and genuine dairy ice cream

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