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Lamb Weston Connoisseur Fries



Henson Foods is a leading supplier of Lamb Weston fries and we are delighted to be the London supplier of their brand new range – Connoisseur Fries.

A response to the trend for authentic food products, this new range of fries has an artisanal appearance, consistently irregular shapes and a golden-brown colour.


Home-Style Fries: 13×13 skin-on

Real authentic fries, lots of skin, golden brown colour and a full potato taste.


Chunky Fries: 16×1 skin-on

Tasty chunky fries, rough-cut irregular shape, fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside


Rustic Fries: skin-on

A unique appearance on the plate, extra crunchy to the last bite. Lots of skin and a full potato taste.


These fries are perfect for those looking for the authentic, hand-cut look and taste. Premium fries that will set you apart from the competition. For more information, or to sample the products, please speak to your Hensons representative or call our sales team on 020 7609 2299





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