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Lamb Weston’s Tips for perfect Fries


Lamb Weston’s Frying Guide:

1. French fries are delicate so work from one bag at a time.

2. Always cook from frozen at a temperature of minimum –18°C. Once the product is thawed, do not refreeze.

3. Keep the fryer oil temperature at 175°C. Ensure the oil is kept clean, by filtering the oil and remove any residue on a regular basis.

4. Pour the fries into the fry basket, but never fill the basket more than 1/2 full. Avoid loading the baskets above the fryer, this prevents ‘bits’ falling into the fryer and contaminating the oil.

5. The ideal proportion is 250g of fries in 2.5 litres of oil.

6. Fry immediately. Gently shake the basket after 30 seconds.  Always follow the recommended frying times.

7. Drain the fries of oil when cooked.


  • Do not hold or sit the cooked fries over the fryer
  • Never salt fries over fryer
  • Do not re-fry your product for a second time, they will absorb too much fat and lose their crispiness and flavour
  • Do not over stack fries in the warming unit.

Good characteristics of your finished fries:

  • Overall light golden yellow colour
  • Have a crispy exterior
  • A fluffy uniform smooth interior
  • They will not be greasy
  • Full natural potato taste
  • Uniform texture


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