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Free range Norfolk wings: £1.30 / kg

chicken wings med

No, that’s not a typing error, we really are offering free range 2 joint wings for just £1.30 / kg. These wings are from from chickens reared in farms in Norfolk. Because they are free-range, the birds wander around outside in fields and, as a result, they grow to different sizes. This means that the wings vary in size, and in each box of 20kg around half will be medium wings, half large and half will be small. Because they are two joint wings, there are no wing tips to worry about.

We currently have very good availability on these wings, and they are packed frozen, in 20kg boxes. Of course, we can also supply you with sauce to serve the wings with. Choose from:

  • Hickory BBQ sauce
  • House of Lords BBQ sauce
  • Hot chilli sauce
  • Sweet chilli sauce

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