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Flavours of Brazil

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Score some Hensons Famous Salt Beef for an alternative flavour of Brazil this summer

A South American speciality, carne salgada or salt beef is a key ingredient in Brazil’s national dish, the famous Feijoada.

With Brazilian beef hitting record prices,we are offering a traditional alternative to maintain margins and offer a classic taste of Brazil this summer – Hensons Famous Salt Beef. Salt beef is a traditional ingredient for Feijoada, the Brazilian national dish, and to celebrate the season we are having a price freeze on our low salt-cure version from now until the end of the World Cup.

Andrew Brook, managing director, Hensons, says, “For restaurants that want to give their customers the flavour of Brazil but find the current price of Brazilian beef too high – up 25% since January – a Feijoada made with Hensons Famous Salt Beef could be a goal-scoring combination on menus. Our salt beef is made from top quality brisket and evenly cured using our own low-salt recipe, vacuum packed in 2kg joints and ready for slow cooking. It’s the top choice of chefs and restaurants like Selfridge’s Brass Rail and the famous Brick Lane deli.”

Feijoada, pronounced ‘fay-zhwa-da’, is a dish of slow-cooked carne salgada or salted beef, with pork, beans and vegetables and often served with rice, farofu, kale, sliced oranges and hot Brazilian peppers – with every Brazilian family having their own recipe.

Salt beef is a heritage dish that dates back to Tudor times. It is enjoying renewed popularity in the UK due to Hensons’ commercially-viable method of curing the beef, which has made it easier for chefs to offer it on menus in addition to its role as a deli favourite.

With over 3.7 million visitors expected to travel to Brazil for the 2014 Fifa World Cup, less beef has been made available for export and worldwide demand is high. As the staple mid-market beef product, the shortage of Brazilian beef has had a knock-on effect creating a general increase in the price of imported beef. Hopefully this will be temporary and the situation will return to normal by late summer. Until then, burgers are a much better bet than steaks for restaurants that want to turn a profit. Simply add a Brazilian black bean sauce or a spicy tomato salsa – using ingredients from Hensons – for a Brazilian-themed burger.”

Demand for Hensons’ gourmet burgers is growing as its premium, fresh, bespoke product using 100 per cent British beef or Aberdeen Angus is becoming the top choice of chefs in restaurants, bistros and steakhouses.

Hensons Famous Salt Beef is available for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland. Visit Hensons Love Salt Beef website to find more recipes for salt beef including an authentic Feijoada recipe.


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