Established 1895
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Our commitment to quality

Hensons’ customers know that the food we deliver couldn’t be in better shape.

Hensons - Committed to quality

Hensons has been sourcing, preparing and delivering food for over a century.

That’s why our customers trust us to deliver food that’s good quality and always in the best possible condition.

We handle food with care and with respect for the end-user, your customer. Our products are sourced from people we know and trust, ensuring consistent quality and integrity.

Our premises are fully licensed and accredited by the Food Standards Agency. We hold a full EU license and are BRC accredited.

We are independently audited twice a year and our production, procurement, HACCP and traceability procedures go far beyond legal compliance to meet the high standards of food safety and hygiene we have set ourselves over the decades. These are maintained through regular training, reviews and external qualifications.

Hensons’ exceptional commitment to quality applies to all of the foods we supply from fresh to frozen. We would be delighted if you’d like to visit so you can see our commitment in action.