Established 1895
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Our Heritage


Hensons has been trading from the heart of the capital for over 100 years.

Hensons' Heritage

Founded in 1895 in London’s famous Smithfield Market, Hensons has a long and rich history in the meat industry and unrivalled expertise as a catering butcher.

The original Mr. Henson was one of the city’s major tripe and offal processors providing affordable sources of vital protein. Its salt beef, a product that dates back to Tudor times, used beef soaked in barrels of brine and salt petre to preserve and tenderise it, before being sold to salt beef bars around London.

The rise of living standards post-war saw the demand for tripe and salt beef decline. In the 1970s, Hensons stopped tripe production and concentrated on expanding its butchery business and developing a commercial production technique to make a premium salt beef.

Out went cheap cuts of meat and barrels of brine. In came prime, grass-fed brisket and a delicate low-salt cure. Hensons Famous Salt Beef was born. Today it can be found in leading restaurants and delis alongside the salt beef bars of London’s famous Brick Lane.

Independently managed, Hensons is proud of its assets: a very loyal staff, many of whom have worked for the company for more than a quarter of a century, its facilities, an unassuming gateway that leads to 20,000sq ft of butchery production, chilled and frozen storage space right in the heart of London and is proud to be a member of the Bidvest Fresh group.