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BBQ Salt Beef. It’s so Delicious!

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Hensons Famous Salt Beef is the fabulous cover star of Delicious magazine’s July issue. Fronting a feature called the ‘new barbecue’ is a super summer salt beef recipe by Delicious’ Food Editor Rebecca Woollard. Rebecca said,  ‘We think salt beef is going to be a big hit on barbecues this summer: try it, it’s fabulous.’

Her recipe – Sticky Stout Glazed Salt Beef with Chimichurri, shot by photographer Gareth Morgans – shows again just how versatile salt beef is.

Other ‘new barbecue’ recipes included the scrummy-looking Brown Sugar and Chili Chicken Wings and Chinese-style Sticky Pork Ribs – but you know which dish gets our vote.

Hensons Famous Salt Beef uses only prime cuts of brisket from cattle that have grazed on lush, green pastures. It is slow cured to our own unique, low-salt recipe to ensure a delicate texture, fine flavour and an even cure. It is sold vacuum-packed, ready for slow cooking and available for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.

For more information, visit Hensons Love Salt Beef website where you’ll find lots of recipes and serving suggestions, from our fans and followers of @LoveSaltBeef

Look out for the Delicious recipe – we’ll be posting it soon. If you can’t wait, go grab a copy of Delicious magazine and order your salt beef using our online ordering system.

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